Off I went!

05 Oct

I am writing this entry from St George’s, Grenada. I left Bogotá in June and went to Cali to spend time with my parents before I came to Grenada. I’ll stay here for a while and then either head to the north or west towards Central America.

I think this blog will be on standby (though, it has already been hehe) in case I return to Bogotá soon. In the meantime, I’ll tell you some general things about my perceptions of Bogotá in the last three years that I spent there.

Positive things:

– You get to meet Colombians from everywhere living in Bogotá. As a girl coming from Cali, you meet people from other regions there, but usually only nearby regions like Cauca, RIsaralda or Nariño. In Bogotá, you get to know many of them. Some of the nearby cities, like Bucaramanga, but others from countless little towns in the Northern coast or the “interior”.  It is very cool to talk Spanish to someone whose accent, pitch and vocabulary is very different to yours and laugh and some mannerism you realize you have and they do as well.

– There is always something going on. Cultural and academics events are always being held in Bogotá. You just need to be informed of them. Where I lived, in the north, there was the Julio Mario Santo Domingo public  ibrary and they held cool concerts and had a great offer of books.

– It has a very international atmosphere. One of the reasons why I wanted to move to Bogotá after being abroad for some years was the international feeling I had while living in Granada. I missed that and wanted to have it close to me. Cali has it as well, but it is very temporary, since most of the international community are backpackers. In Bogotá, the expat community is big and stays there for at least a couple of months.

Negative things:

– Coming soon…I’ll try to write them in a way that doesn’t offend Bogotanos (people from Bogotá), since there has been some fuzz about Bogotá getting very unsafe and chaotic and Bogotanos defending it…

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One response to “Off I went!

  1. askmrtony

    November 20, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    This is an amazing message. I hope your stay is amazing and educational. Be safe and take one day at a time. God bless!


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