Traveling to Colombia and inside Colombia? Avoid Avianca, you’ll be thankful.

29 Nov

I am a frequent traveler. I do not mean the kind of traveler with a frequent traveler card, though I have one. I mean the kind who travels often regardless of the airline or even means of transportation. In the last three months, I have flown with Avianca three times and I have had nasty, really nasty experiences.

To make it short, in a flight where I was supposed to arrive at 11:20 pm, I arrived almost at 1 am on a friday night after a long week and nobody cared to explain or even apologize for the delay. On an international flight Bogotá- Miami, I was not given a seat because the flight had been overbooked. I had to get angry and finally got the last seat assigned to me, one of the eight passengers who didn’t have a seat. The other seven had to stay and wait for a later flight.

Between yesterday and today, Avianca has cancelled 77 national flights for no reason other than bad weather, which according to some are lies because other airlines have been operating normally. In December, I am not flying Avianca to go and return from Cali. I am fed up and I will avoid using it as much as I can.

I strongly recommend that if you are flying to Colombia and inside Colombia stay away from Avianca, you won’t get good service, will likely arrive late to your destination and in the worst case you won’t have a seat. So please, please fly with LAN or VivaColombia who offer a better service for less money.

Apparently this situation has been going on since last year, check out this thread:


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