In rainy days, Bogota people become warmer.

22 Oct

I had to do an errand today after school. It started raining when I finished it and I was far from home. When it rains, bogota becomes even more chaotic. The cars run slower. The buses pass less often and get busier, but people become warmer.

So I decided I’d take the sittp bus because it was the best idea at the moment. So I went from Santa Barbara mall to Unicentro from when I had planned to take another bus. That other bus never arrived. I had run out of credit in my transport card so I asked at the stop if someone could sell me a ride. A guy offered and explained to me that I could take another bus not far from there. After waiting for a long time, I realized my bus would never pass so I went to the other stop the guy suggested.

My plan was to getin the bus and ask for a volunteer to sell me a ride so I could take the bus…it worked. But before going since I was starving I had an arepa in The street and three people were also ordering their arepa and talking about giving a ride (in their cars) to one of their friends and asked me where I lived. I answered, but they lived towards the south so it wasn’t possible for them to drop me.

So I walked to the other stop but nobody was waiting for the bus. So I stopped it and made sure some passengers were inside and said that I had no credit left in my bus car and asked if anybody could sell me a ride. One second passed and a young man stood up and passes his card over the machine and I gave him 1400 pesos.

Though it was cold and rainy, I had a good experience with bogota people that made me think that maybe rainy days makes us all warmer people so we can stand the bad weather.

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