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Estoy lejos de Colombia. En algún lugar de EEUU. Sigo haciendo reflexiones sobre educación, adquisición de segunda lengua y la vida en el extranjero.

Esta es una entrada cuyo propósito es puramente personal: recordarme sobre lo bien que escribo tanto en inglés, francés y español. También recordar lo que es vivir en un país donde muchas cosas son diferentes a las que estoy acostumbrada.

Por eso, quiero volver a releer algunas reflexiones que hice cuando el shock cultural lo viví en Europa en un contexto educativo, siendo estudiante. Mis reflexiones quedaron registradas en mi blog Erasmus:

No creo poder mantener otro blog parecido, pero hoy quise rendirle homenaje a aquel blog y a aquella estudiante de hace tantos años.

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Off I went!

I am writing this entry from St George’s, Grenada. I left Bogotá in June and went to Cali to spend time with my parents before I came to Grenada. I’ll stay here for a while and then either head to the north or west towards Central America.

I think this blog will be on standby (though, it has already been hehe) in case I return to Bogotá soon. In the meantime, I’ll tell you some general things about my perceptions of Bogotá in the last three years that I spent there.

Positive things:

– You get to meet Colombians from everywhere living in Bogotá. As a girl coming from Cali, you meet people from other regions there, but usually only nearby regions like Cauca, RIsaralda or Nariño. In Bogotá, you get to know many of them. Some of the nearby cities, like Bucaramanga, but others from countless little towns in the Northern coast or the “interior”.  It is very cool to talk Spanish to someone whose accent, pitch and vocabulary is very different to yours and laugh and some mannerism you realize you have and they do as well.

– There is always something going on. Cultural and academics events are always being held in Bogotá. You just need to be informed of them. Where I lived, in the north, there was the Julio Mario Santo Domingo public  ibrary and they held cool concerts and had a great offer of books.

– It has a very international atmosphere. One of the reasons why I wanted to move to Bogotá after being abroad for some years was the international feeling I had while living in Granada. I missed that and wanted to have it close to me. Cali has it as well, but it is very temporary, since most of the international community are backpackers. In Bogotá, the expat community is big and stays there for at least a couple of months.

Negative things:

– Coming soon…I’ll try to write them in a way that doesn’t offend Bogotanos (people from Bogotá), since there has been some fuzz about Bogotá getting very unsafe and chaotic and Bogotanos defending it…

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A good man was killed in Cali / Mataron a un buen hombre en Cali

Death has never really been close to me. I have been fortunate for not having to suffer that excruciating pain only known by those who’ve lost a loved one. Two days ago, I got a grasp of that pain.

In most of Colombia, except maybe for estrato (social level) 6, neighbors are close to each other. Sometimes too much, but that’s another story. One of those close Cali neighbors was killed on Monday. He was a father to two sons and a husband. He was a cool neighbor. He wished my dad, mom and I a merry christmas and a happy new year at the grocery store my parents own. He shook our hands and smiled to us. I had no idea it was going to be the last time I saw him.

I’ve cried for his loss and I was just his neighbor, and not even that since I moved to Bogotá. I’ve felt sorry for his wife and kids and I’ve wished I could be there for them to hug them, to console them, to cry with them. I can’t even imagine what they are going through and I can only pray to god to give them strength to go on with their lives.

Don Alejandro is no longer with us and once again, life in Cali and Colombia proves to be rough, unfair and bitter at times.

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Información Erasmus Mundus application / Información sobre Erasmus Mundus

A aquellos que tienen preguntas sobre las becas Erasmus Mundus, aquí está la respuesta que sintetiza el proceso de selección que yo hice y que a mí me sirvió. Se basa exclusivamente en mi experiencia personal así que aquí la dejo por si a alguien más le sirve. La escribí respondiendo a un e-mail de una muchacha que me preguntó por email cómo había hecho.


Hola X,

Pues te toca probar suerte y ver en qué master crees que te podrían seleccionar. 

Aunque creo que ya tienes la página web con el listado, aquí te mando el enlace:

Una vez sepas los requisitos y veas que eres elegible, debes esperar a las fechas en que se abra la convocatoria. Generamente es en noviembre del año inmediatamente anterior. O sea que para el 2012 estarían publicando la información de la convocatoria en noviembre de este año. (Escribí esto en 2011).

Creo que solo puedes aplicar a dos masters, pero no estoy segura. Eso lo puedes preguntar.

Cuéntame si tienes más dudas,


PS: Te sugiero escoger un master en el que tengas más chance. A veces hay masters que suenan muy bien, pero pueden ser muy competidos. Tu mira qué te favorece más y el perfil de los candidatos que piden. A veces les gustan docentes universitarios, otra veces profesionales activos de la disciplina en que se encuadra el master. Escríbeles al respecto si tienes dudas, ellos responden.
Y actualmente añadiría: También hay becas para doctorados, esas son más recientes y de esas no tengo información.
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Traveling to Colombia and inside Colombia? Avoid Avianca, you’ll be thankful.

I am a frequent traveler. I do not mean the kind of traveler with a frequent traveler card, though I have one. I mean the kind who travels often regardless of the airline or even means of transportation. In the last three months, I have flown with Avianca three times and I have had nasty, really nasty experiences.

To make it short, in a flight where I was supposed to arrive at 11:20 pm, I arrived almost at 1 am on a friday night after a long week and nobody cared to explain or even apologize for the delay. On an international flight Bogotá- Miami, I was not given a seat because the flight had been overbooked. I had to get angry and finally got the last seat assigned to me, one of the eight passengers who didn’t have a seat. The other seven had to stay and wait for a later flight.

Between yesterday and today, Avianca has cancelled 77 national flights for no reason other than bad weather, which according to some are lies because other airlines have been operating normally. In December, I am not flying Avianca to go and return from Cali. I am fed up and I will avoid using it as much as I can.

I strongly recommend that if you are flying to Colombia and inside Colombia stay away from Avianca, you won’t get good service, will likely arrive late to your destination and in the worst case you won’t have a seat. So please, please fly with LAN or VivaColombia who offer a better service for less money.

Apparently this situation has been going on since last year, check out this thread:


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In rainy days, Bogota people become warmer.

I had to do an errand today after school. It started raining when I finished it and I was far from home. When it rains, bogota becomes even more chaotic. The cars run slower. The buses pass less often and get busier, but people become warmer.

So I decided I’d take the sittp bus because it was the best idea at the moment. So I went from Santa Barbara mall to Unicentro from when I had planned to take another bus. That other bus never arrived. I had run out of credit in my transport card so I asked at the stop if someone could sell me a ride. A guy offered and explained to me that I could take another bus not far from there. After waiting for a long time, I realized my bus would never pass so I went to the other stop the guy suggested.

My plan was to getin the bus and ask for a volunteer to sell me a ride so I could take the bus…it worked. But before going since I was starving I had an arepa in The street and three people were also ordering their arepa and talking about giving a ride (in their cars) to one of their friends and asked me where I lived. I answered, but they lived towards the south so it wasn’t possible for them to drop me.

So I walked to the other stop but nobody was waiting for the bus. So I stopped it and made sure some passengers were inside and said that I had no credit left in my bus car and asked if anybody could sell me a ride. One second passed and a young man stood up and passes his card over the machine and I gave him 1400 pesos.

Though it was cold and rainy, I had a good experience with bogota people that made me think that maybe rainy days makes us all warmer people so we can stand the bad weather.

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First times

Last recess week (National school week off), I went to Florida. I had a great time in very good company.

I did many things for the first time and I enjoyed them all. Some of them were,

I almost finished reading Saramago’s book blindness- I got hooked by it on the first page and I couldn’t put it down during my three hour flights. First book of Saramago I started reading.


I flew on a very small plane, for capacity of only three passengers. It was cool. I felt like a copilot, almost.




I went to the Bahamas for the first time too and hopefully not the last one. I visited Bimini but there are more islands to explore.


Those were the things I was a first timer at. It was pretty cool.

Some other things I repeated are…rollerblading, snorkelling, arguing calmly(if that is possible) at airlines counters for overbooking and visiting the Sawgrass Mall (and shopping of course).

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